The God We Can Know Session 2 - Knowing God's Satisfaction (Digital Video Download)

"I Am the Bread of Life"

Rob Fuquay

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  • 5/1/2016
  • V102
  • Digital Video Download


This video segment takes us to the Mount of Beatitudes, the site that commemorates Jesus' feeding the 5,000. Fuquay notes that the crowd consisted of 5,000 men; with women and children, it could have been as many as 15,000 people. Besides the Resurrection, the story of Jesus' miracle of feeding the crowd is the only miracle story told in all four Gospels.

Next, we go with Fuquay to Capernaum, an outpost of Jesus' ministry that was located on the Sea of Galilee. Jesus came to Capernaum after the feeding of the crowd. Less than 24 hours after this miracle, people in the crowd asked Jesus, "What will you do for us?"

The last part of this video shows Fuquay standing on the banks of the Jordan River, a significant site because this is where the people of Israel entered the Promised Land after forty years of wandering in the desert. When the Hebrews finally reached the Promised Land, God's daily provision of manna stopped, and they had to seek God's provision in a new way. This video helps us explore the question "What does it mean to trust God and find our satisfaction in Jesus?"

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