MethodX Spiritual Types Discussion Guide (PDF)

Helen R. Neinast

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  • 1/1/2004
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Think of it as a Myers-Briggs of spirituality.

A small group study based on the Spiritual Types Test, the MethodX Spiritual Types Discussion Guide helps identify spiritual types—sage, lover, mystic, or prophet—and what they mean to our faith lives.

"Personality types and spiritual types help us develop our self-awareness and our self-understanding," writes Neinast. "Types help us uncover the things that give us energy and joy. They alert us to the filters we use—our five senses, and our 'sixth sense' of intuition—to perceive the world around us. Types help us understand how we make decisions and why we interact with the world around us the way we do."

Session one introduces the idea of spiritual types. From there, the guide helps users understand their type and each other.

Complete unto itself, this downloadable PDF comes with

  • an expanded spiritual types test and grading key
  • ive interactive 90-minute small group sessions
  • handouts to complement each session
  • a list of resources for further reading

Suitable for any small group setting, The MethodX Spiritual Types Discussion Guide is a fun and meaningful way for young adults (and not-so-young adults) to learn more about how we approach God, faith and the world around us.

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