Contemplation in Time of War (PDF)

A PDF reprint from Contemplative Life , July/Aug 1992

Wendy M. Wright

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  • 1/1/1992
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In drawing together the seeming opposites of war and contemplation, Wendy Wright shows how war offers opportunities for deeper spiritual understanding.

Writing during the Persian Gulf conflict, she notes the difference between seeing the war through the eyes of the vulnerable and marginalized—such as children and Vietnam veterans—and seeing it from the point of view of society's elite.

From the perspective of the vulnerable, war is horrifying and painful; from the perspective of the powerful, war is but a series of glossy photos in a cast-aside magazine. She compares these two perspectives using Ignatius's "Two Standards": the world's standard of power, wealth and pride, and Christ's standard of weakness, poverty and humility.

Through Ignatian contemplative practice, she shows how we may become fully present to war, thus finding in it our own opportunities for formation in Christ's image.

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