Discover God's Love Through Scripture (PDF)

Discovery Weekend Manual

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  • 4/1/2019
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The Discover God's Love Through Scripture manual provides everything needed for a Discovery Weekend focused on encountering the life-giving love of God found in the scriptures and the invitation to live in God's image. Middle school youth will learn that through scripture, we discover our connection to Jesus and our call to love God and others.

The Discovery Weekend experience creates an environment in which students can better listen to God and be aware of GodΓÇÖs presence. In this environment, middle schoolers will hear a series of talks given by high schoolers. Each of these talks is designed to allow the speaker to share their experience and understanding of the topic with guidance from adult mentors and the resources provided in the manual. Over the course of the weekend, middle school youth will enjoy a variety of talks given by high school youth, including: In the Beginning, Promise, Returning Home, and Created for a Purpose.

In addition to the guides for writing the talks, the manual also includes worship service outlines, Disciple Group guides, a suggested schedule, tools for team building, team job descriptions, sample letters and emails useful in recruiting volunteers, a planning timeline, and more.

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