Discover God's Love through the Church (PDF)

Discovery Weekend Theme Manual

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  • 4/16/2018
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Discovery Weekend is a spiritual retreat for middle school youth, held in your local church, that engages high school youth in leadership. To learn more about Discovery Weekend, visit

The Discover God's Love through the Church theme manual provides everything needed for a Discovery Weekend focused on discovering the joy of living in God's love as a body of believers as well as welcoming those outside the church to discover God's profound love. Youth will share in the friendship and forgiveness of Christ, who loves us for who we are and calls us to do the same for one another, together as Christ's church.

The Discovery Weekend experience encourages middle schoolers to become better listeners of God's voice and more aware of God's presence. In this environment, youth will hear a series of talks given by high schoolers. Each of these talks is designed to allow the speaker to share their experience and understanding of the topic with guidance from adult mentors and the resources provided in the manual. Over the course of the weekend, youth will enjoy talks on a variety of topics, including: God Loves You, Labels, Forgiveness, and Fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

In addition to the guides for writing the talks, the manual also includes worship service outlines, Disciple Group guides, a suggested schedule, tools for team building, team job descriptions, sample letters and emails useful in recruiting volunteers, a planning timeline, and more.