The Henri Nouwen Spirituality Series (Print Book)

Series of 4

Henri J. M. Nouwen, John S. Mogabgab

Henri J M Nouwen
John S Mogabgab
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Save on this set of classics from the beloved writer Henri Nouwen!

Ever felt awkward asking others for money? Fundraising is the opposite of begging—it's inviting others to join in your ministry and vision, Henri Nouwen says. In A Spirituality of Fundraising, he draws from scripture to encourage Christian leaders to embrace the idea of fundraising as a ministry. A must-read for finance committee members or leaders who raise money for nonprofits, ministry, or business.

In A Spirituality of Caregiving, Nouwen shares heartfelt insights on what it means to be a caregiver and a care receiver. His warmth, respect, and compassion for both sides of the caregiving relationship will encourage you and transform the way you view your vital and spiritual work. A great gift for caregivers.

Do you find it hard to focus with multiple demands on your attention? Distraction may be the biggest hindrance to a growing relationship with God. In A Spirituality of Living, Nouwen reveals the secret to creating space for God in our lives: spiritual disciplines. Though this may sound like hard work, Nouwen makes it easy as he mentors you in the disciplines of solitude, community, and ministry.

If you've ever felt lonely or alienated, Henri Nouwen has good news for you. "Come home to God, and you will no longer feel like a stranger to yourself or the world," he writes. In A Spirituality of Homecoming, Nouwen explores essential elements of Christian discipleship and shows how to find your true home in God.