Parents and Grandparents as Spiritual Guides (Kindle)

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Nurturing Children of the Promise

Betty Shannon Cloyd

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  • 5/1/2016
  • K923
  • 9780835816038
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Today, we're increasingly disconnected from one another. Our mobile society, with its incessant busyness, creates a tragic break in relationships and diminishes the sense of community — even within families.

Some parents communicate with their children by texting or calling them — inside their home! With all of the activities children are involved in — school, sports, music, camp, and others — spiritual nurture often gets neglected.

"Spirituality makes persons look beyond themselves to the well-being of those around them," writes Cloyd. "How we care for the spirituality of our children, then, is not only crucial for their own well-being; it is crucial for the well-being of our society as well. Spiritual training is a primary role for parents and other family members. It cannot, must not, be neglected or relegated to some other person or agency."

Cloyd explores simple ways parents and grandparents can introduce children to the presence of God and nurture them spiritually — even through daily, routine activities as well as planned devotional times. This must-have book includes biblical models of spiritual guides along with insightful stories from children, Christian educators and the author's own experiences as a parent and grandparent.

Attentiveness to God's daily presence gives the family (and society) the root system that is necessary to live with whatever events life brings. In parenting and grandparenting, we want to give our children wings, but we must start by providing them with healthy roots. Parents & Grandparents as Spiritual Guides will help you with that critical task.