What Loss Can Teach Us (Kindle)

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A Sacred Pathway to Growth and Healing

Beth Taulman Miller

$ 9.99
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  • 2/1/2020
  • K1962
  • 9780835819626
  • Kindle


After a significant loss, many people rush to get back a sense of normalcy without allowing themselves time to heal and learn from that loss. Our loving and compassionate God longs to walk with individuals on a transformational journey through loss toward becoming more emotionally and spiritually whole. This book shows readers that God offers an "on ramp" to the process of tending to their pain.

What Loss Can Teach Us provides readers with stepping-stones for getting through loss and pain while discovering the lessons they can learn through that process. Including her own story of loss, the author guides us in spiritual practices that helped her heal.

While nothing changes its reality, loss can lead to an important juncture where readers will decide if they can trust God to take them through the hard process of growth and healing by allowing themselves to be shaped by the lessons they learn through their recovery. What Loss Can Teach Us can serve as a road map for that transformational journey.