Passing It On (Kindle)

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How to Nurture Your Children's Faith Season by Season

Kara Oliver

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  • 8/1/2015
  • K1536
  • 9780835815369
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Give your children the greatest gift of all—pass on your faith.

In Passing It On, Kara Lassen Oliver provides a practical guide to help parents, grandparents, and other concerned adults nurture their children's faith. For four weeks at a time, she offers easy-to-follow suggestions for families during the seasons of Advent, Lent, summer, and back to school.

This book features

  • plans for weekly Family Gatherings with age-appropriate activities
  • symbols to remind family members of the week's spiritual emphasis
  • a suggested daily practice and prayer for each week
  • a Leader's Guide for parent groups studying this book together

The most valuable legacy we can pass to our children, grandchildren, and other children is a spiritual heritage. Kara Oliver shows us how to do just that.