Encoding Methodism (Print Book)

Telling and Re-telling Narratives of Wesleyan Origins

Ted A. Campbell

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  • 9/15/2017
  • HE6244
  • 9780938162445
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We shape and are shaped by the stories we tell about ourselves.

Methodists love to tell the story and Methodist churches have consistently told and re-told the narrative of their eighteenth-century founding by John (and sometimes Charles) Wesley as a way of describing the distinctive identity of their religious communities. This book offers a comprehensive and critically documented account of the development of these narratives of Wesleyan origins and the ways in which they attempted to describe or encode the identity of Wesleyan/Methodist communities. This is not a cynical account of how interpreters have simply written their own agenda into the narrative (and that has happened); rather it shows in many cases how the unique position and contexts of narrators have better see what really happened.

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