Christianity the Wesleyan Way (Print Book)

Principles and Practices for Life and Ministry

Brian E. Germano

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  • 4/1/2020
  • HE3569
  • 9781945935695
  • Print Book
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An overview of the life and theology of John Wesley and the distinctives of Methodism with application for ministry.

What does it mean to be and live as a Methodist? What is unique about a Wesleyan way of believing and practicing Christianity? And what can the life and ministry of John Wesley teach us about living a faithful Christian life?

Using selected primary source material, interpretive discussion, and instructive diagrams, Germano walks readers through the heart of the history, theology, and practices of the ministry of John Wesley and the early Methodists. He then suggests some practical implications for how this faith can be lived out in our world and undergird church ministry. The author summarizes the spiritual, historical, and sociological context of Wesley's England, in order to help readers understand the primary themes of Wesleyan theology and practice. End-of-chapter discussion questions and at-a-glance boxes make the content easy to comprehend while at the same time introducing and highlighting core concepts.