Crafting the Sermon (Print Book)

A Beginner's Guide to Preaching

Charles D. Ensminger

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  • 7/1/2019
  • HE3560
  • 9781945935602
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A down-to-earth, practical introduction to the ins and outs of preaching.

This book is for those who are newly arrived in the pulpit: lay preachers, bivocational and local pastors, as well as recent seminary graduates. Preaching is a fundamental task of pastors. and some say it is the most important task. There is a lot riding on the Sunday sermon, because as United Methodist Bishop Bill McAlilly says, "If it doesn't happen on Sunday, it doesn't happen." While many can draw on a wealth of life experience, as well as strong intuitive skills in knowing what makes a good sermon, what is often lacking are those detailed instructions on the how-tos of preaching and sermon preparation from a pastor who does it every week. That is precisely what this brief, practical guide to preaching offers.

Written for those who have a heart for preaching, author Charles Ensminger begins by emphasizing the importance of authenticity, assessing the context and needs of the congregation, and the need for preachers to hear how the text applies to their own spiritual journey. The book includes helpful suggestions for sermon planning, preparation, delivery, resources, as well as how to choose effective and memorable illustrations.