Develop Intercultural Competence (Print Book)

How to Lead Cross-Racial and Cross-Cultural Churches

HiRho Park, PhD

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  • 9/1/2018
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  • 9781945935336
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Lead with cultural intelligence as you minister to God's diverse peoples.

Author, HiRho Y. Park's latest work identifies best practices and offers practical tips and case studies for leading diverse and vital congregations. The book shows readers how to navigate the growing complexities of race, ethnicity, culture, and religion and find appropriate and effective ways to make disciples of Jesus Christ in cross-cultural and cross-racial contexts. Park offers innovative, evidence-based guidance to help leaders foster culturally intelligent faith communities and shows them how to drive innovation and champion a culture of call.

"Being a worldwide church means that United Methodists affirm our unity in Christ regarding missional and structural accountability, responsibility, and interdependence for the transformation of the world…Being a worldwide church is a prophetic declaration that United Methodists resist racism, sexism, and classism within institutional ideologies. But this also means that The UMC must be aware and attuned to the richness and challenges posed by cross-racial and cross-cultural contexts." from the Introduction

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