Attend to Stories (Print Book)

How to Flourish in Ministry

Karen D. Scheib

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  • 3/1/2018
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  • 9781945935145
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Refresh, renew, rekindle passion for ministry by helping others revisit their stories.

Reinvigorate your ministry as you help others. Author Dr. Karen Scheib says that to experience a new sense of freedom in caring for others, we must first help them attend to their story and connect their story with others and God. But to do so effectively, we must be willing to revision our own story, so that we can exemplify Christian happiness and offer others a path toward fulfillment. As Scheib points out, Christian flourishing is less a destination than a journey and rarely a direct route.


  • Preface
    1. Story Care: Attending to Stories of Personal and Pastoral Identity
    2. Learning to Read Ministry Stories
    3. Restorying: Challenging and Revising Unsustainable Narratives
    4. A Christian Vision of Flourishing
    5. Practices for Flourishing
    6. Writing as Spiritual Practice and Story Care

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