Woman Overboard (Digital Audio Download)

How Passion Saved My Life

Jo Kadlecek

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  • 1/10/2017
  • FA1735
  • 9780835817356
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Do you long for more passion in your life? How do you define passion?

Many people associate passion with intense romance, adventure, creativity, vocation, or calling. If you ask a pastor or priest to define passion, he or she would likely link the word to the passion of Christ, to the events of Holy Week.

The definition of passion has evolved over the years. Originally the word came from the Latin passio, which means "to suffer."

Woman Overboard invites you to join an adventure of discovering

  • how to find out what you were born for
  • how to live out your particular calling in the context of your Christian faith
  • how to make sense of a broken world in light of the passion of Christ

The passionate life isn't easy, Kadlecek says. Suffering can come when we pursue our passions. We have to take risks; we must jump overboard. We need to recognize that jumping overboard could be hard, scary, and dangerous. But consider how dangerous it would be to just stay where you are.

When we anchor our identity in the passion of Christ, we are free to jump overboard. We are free to take the risks we've always wanted to take, to pursue the things we've always wanted to pursue.

So what are you waiting for? Dive into the journey of waking up to the passion and gifts around you!

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