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Transforming Ventures (Kindle)

Electronic version for Kindle readers

A Spiritual Guide for Volunteers in Mission

Jane Ives

$ 9.99
Other Editions:
  • 3/15/2000
  • K1750
  • 9780835817509
  • Kindle


Trends reveal that more and more people are using vacation time to experience new things or to help others. This book will help you consider how you can use your free time toward discipleship. Whether you go with a construction team, a traveling choir, or as an individual volunteer missionary abroad, youÆll end up receiving more from the experience than you give.

Short-term mission projects can change an individualÆs life and the ministry of any church. Transforming Ventures approaches these mission opportunities with the spiritual journey at its core.

Ives weaves scripture, personal witness statements, and spiritual practices into a resource that will affect your life and the larger ministry of the church. As you gain a clearer understanding of GodÆs call in your life, youÆll recognize the ways God is already at work in the lives of those you seek to serve.

IvesÆs book is also an engaging study for small groups, leaders of youth missioners, and individuals who long to wander.