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At the Edge of Life (Kindle)

Electronic version for Kindle readers

Conversations When Death Is Near

Richard L. Morgan

$ 4.99
Other Editions:
  • 9/1/2014
  • K1333
  • 9780835813334
  • Kindle
  • 72


Drawing on 60 years of experience as pastor, hospice chaplain, volunteer, and friend to dying persons, Richard Morgan offers perspective and advice to people coping with a family member, friend, or patient who is approaching the time of death. These 30 meditations take us from accepting our own mortality and the impending death of someone we care about through "making preparations," "finding closure," and "dying moments." In each meditation Morgan uses personal stories and scripture to lead into a reflection question and prayer. The result is a sense of peace that gives readers confidence as companions to the dying.

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