Sacred Days (Print Book)

Following Jesus Through the Christian Year

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Praise for Sacred Days

Tom Steagald knows how to write, which is to say he knows how to use his own true voice instead of one he has borrowed for the occasion. He also knows how to read, finding in the Gospels not just the same old stories we have heard all our lives but glimpses of the astonishing treasure to be found in those stories if we have our hearts open as well as our eyes."

—Frederick Buechner, author

"Christ takes time and thereby redeems time. This is the testimony of the church. Steagald creatively and faithfully demonstrates how the sanctification of all life and time in the light of Christ has implications for our lives as disciples."

—William H. Willimon
Retired United Methodist bishop and
Professor of the Practice of Christian Ministry, Duke Divinity School

Have you ever wondered about the meaning of certain seasons or days of the Christian year?

Steagald uses the Christian year as a map to help us understand the overarching story of Jesus' life. As you follow the events—from Jesus' birth, to his ministry and miracles, and finally his death and resurrection—you will come to understand the importance of the entire story.

Length of study: 6 weeks. Includes Leader's Guide.

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