Ready, Set, Plant (Print Book)

The Why and How of Starting New Churches

Bener Agtarap,Curtis Brown

Bener Agtarap
Curtis Brown
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  • 5/1/2021
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  • 9780881779462
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When one reads through the New Testament, it's evident that the practice of planting churches began two thousand years ago. Today's culture, community, and connections differ greatly from the churches Peter and Paul helped build. Even in the past 20 years, those factors have dramatically changed the ministry of church planting.

In Ready, Set, Plant Bener Agtarap and Curtis Brown provide tools for planting churches—looking at the spiritual, social, and economic aspects of the process. Creating new church bodies requires redefining priorities and practices. Yet one thing that never changes is that the mission must be God's mission.

Ready, Set, Plant raises questions about church planting that every new church community must address: Why? Who? How? What? Where? When? Agtarap and Brown provide a broad range of answers to each question. By examining these questions and various answers, church planters will be equipped to fulfill their divine call to make disciples and transform the world.