Don't Look Down (Print Book)

Answering Jesus' Call to Walk on the Water

Rosario Picardo

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  • 5/1/2019
  • DR919
  • 9780881779196
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Don't Look Down: Answering Jesus' Call to Walk on the Water is for followers of Jesus who may find themselves stuck in a rut spiritually, at a decision point but too afraid to make a move or wondering why they aren't living a more fulfilled, purposeful life.

This book features practical application for turning faith into Kingdom work and discipleship in our faith communities. It also features fresh, encouraging, and imitable stories of people (church planters and entrepreneurs) who have heard Jesus say to them, "Come," and who have walked with Jesus in remarkable and instructive ways.

Many believers today want to see their faith in action. They want to know where Jesus is going to use them for his glory in the world. Yet, many are stuck not knowing how to turn the ignition on their faith. They may not expect to hear from God or may not have the courage to answer God's call. This book will be a spark to help people out of their "boats" and onto whatever water Jesus has called them. It is an ideal resource for church planters, church planting teams and teaching pastors, couples, college students, ministry leaders, and anyone hoping to put their faith into motion.