An African Pilgrimage on Evangelism (Print Book)

A Historical Study of the Various Approaches to Evangelism in Africa (100-2000CE)

Dr. John Wesley Zwonunondiita Kurewa

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  • 1/1/2011
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How easily we forget that it was Africans who brought the gospel to Africa, not foreign missionaries! Evangelism has always been central to African Christianity, ever since Egyptians and Libyans returned home from Jerusalem following the day of Pentecost (Acts 2).

In this brief history of the church in Africa, Dr. John Kurewa highlights the major approaches to evangelism that the church employed over the centuries, for better and for worse. Then, in historical context, Kurewa zeroes in on those distinctive methods of evangelism, proclamation and disciple formation that shaped a diverse yet vibrant African Methodism. Thanks to this historical review, we stand to gain fresh vision for ministries of evangelism that truly can fulfill the Great Commission—to make disciples of Jesus Christ.