Charting a Course of Discipleship (Print Book)

A Workbook on Christian Discipleship (Revised Edition)

Teresa Gilbert, Patty Johansen, Jay Regennitter, Delia Halverson

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  • 10/1/2012
  • DR608
  • 9780881776089
  • Print Book
  • 8.5 x 11 x 0.259
  • 120
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Is your congregation living up to its mission? After all, making disciples is what churches are supposed to do.

So how do churches go about making disciples? What is a disciple, anyway? And how do congregations know whether they are actually helping people to grow in their faith?

Charting a Course for Discipleship provides a step-by-step plan that will help any congregation design a disciple formation process that is effective for its particular context. It will help your church to:

  • identify characteristics of a disciple
  • come to see growing in faith as a lifelong journey
  • evaluate the current level of disciple making in your congregation
  • listen to God's calling for your church and develop a vision for the future
  • learn how to involve your congregation in the discipleship formation process
  • plan ways to continue and renew your church's system for making disciples

This book replaces Charting the Course, DR507. The revised, retitled edition guides congregations to understand the mission of the church, assess where they are in making disciples, dream what might be possible, and then either build or improve the way they help persons come to and grow in the Christian faith. Bible studies and discovery activities have been added.