Lord, Teach Us to Pray (Print Book)

A Study of Personal Prayer

Margie Burger

$ 10.00
  • 7/1/2009
  • DR570
  • 9780881775709
  • Print Book
  • 5.5 x 8.25
  • 144
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Prayer is a relationship with God that grows and matures over time.

"We can be mature in one area of our Christian walk and still be a beginner in other areas," Burger writes. "That is not an indictment but an acknowledgment of the different ways we grow. If we are still a beginner in our prayer life, God simply desires us to take the next step… We are not striving in our own strength. God desires and provides for an intimate prayer life for all believers."

Burger's study combines scriptural teaching and personal testimony that will help you overcome obstacles to intimacy with God. Appropriate for individuals and small groups, this resource features practical suggestions and honest testimony from a pilgrim who desires to walk with God.

Organized in 4 sections, the study will increase your knowledge of prayer and will also help you encounter God as you:

  • become more prayerful
  • explore lessons from the prayer life of Jesus
  • learn deeper approaches to personal prayer
  • embrace the promise of intimacy with God

Click here for the Leader's Guide, Embracing Personal Prayer.