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What Kind of Man Is Joseph, and What Kind of Man Are You? (Print Book)

Eugene Blair

$ 7.50
  • 4/1/2009
  • DR561
  • 9780881775617
  • Print Book
  • 4 x 6.5
  • 88
  • 0.25


He's largely a mystery to us. Most often viewed as a silent supporter of the more noted Mary, Joseph nevertheless had a significant role in the life and ministry of Jesus.

Taking what's known from the Gospel of Matthew, Blair highlights Joseph as a model for men today through

  • commitment
  • awareness
  • discipline
  • righteousness
  • family
  • Blair connects the traits and life of Joseph to what it means to live a godly life as a man, a husband, and/or a father in today's ever-changing world.

    "By studying Joseph, men will come to appreciate his quiet and discerning spirit, commitment, and inner strength," he writes. "This book focuses on seeing Joseph as a role model for fostering and maintaining relationships that are enduring, whole, committed, and supportive of our spouses, friends and partners."

    The appendix contains a study guide, providing instruction for a 5-week group reflection into the ways we—men and women—live as disciples.

    Help someone you know learn to live an uncommon life of godly character.