Extending the Table (Print Book)

A Guide for a Ministry of Home Communion Serving

Mark Stamm

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  • 2/1/2009
  • DR553
  • 9780881775532
  • Print Book
  • 6 x 9
  • 144
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"Who is missing?" Mark Stamm says this is a quesion the church should ask every time its members gather around the Lord's Table.

Participation in the Lord's Supper is not a ritual action we perform as isolated individuals, Stamm points out. Instead, we partake of the sacrament with the whole church in mind, even those who cannot attend.

In Extending the Table Stamm

  • discusses historical, theological, and pastoral questions about home Communion
  • demonstrates the central role Communion has played in Christian life
  • asserts that the church must seek ways to include its "unwillingly absent members" in the celebration of the Lord's Supper
  • offers practical suggestions for inclusion of all people in receiving the sacrament

This book is an excellent resource for clergy, laypersons, and scholars committed to deeper understanding and increased strengthening of the body of Christ.