A Year with John Wesley and Our Methodist Values (Print Book)

Henry H. Knight III, F. Douglas Powe Jr., Michael J. Coyner, Sarah Heaner Lancaster, Randy L. Maddox, Rev. Karen A. Greenwaldt

Henry Knight, I I I
F Douglas Powe, Jr
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  • 5/1/2008
  • DR550
  • 9780881775501
  • Print Book
  • 6 x 9
  • 64
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Do we act, live, and breathe our faith?

What do United Methodists believe? Do people notice a difference between the way United Methodists practice faith in the church and in the world?

A Year with John Wesley and Our Methodist Values is an engaging and provocative study of the practices of discipleship that are of “the Methodist way.” Brief scholarly reflections on Wesleyan themes are followed by short essays making recurring Wesley tenets timely and relevant to today's world.

Covering one aspect of distinctly Wesleyan theology a month, the collection of essays contained in this book provide an in-depth yet easily approachable 12-month survey of the Methodist tradition for clergy and laity alike.

“A Year with John Wesley reveals and makes plain the essence of John Wesley's life and witness,” writes one reviewer. “A Methodist way of living becomes accessible through these great themes expressed in contemporary language and situations. Those who read and reflect upon these pages will gain understanding of United Methodist theology, polity, and practice, but even more significantly, they will learn what it means to walk with Christ in our contemporary world.”