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Weaving a Just Future for Children (Print Book)

An Advocacy Guide

Diane C. Olson, Laura Dean Friedrich

Laura Dean Friedrich
Diane C Olson
$ 15.00
  • 9/1/2008
  • DR547
  • 9780881775471
  • Print Book
  • 6 x 9
  • 160
  • 0.75


A child needs you. Child advocacy is a most timely and urgent form of discipleship.

Something primal happens whenever your child is hurt or in danger. Your love for your own flesh and blood is immeasurable, and you'd do anything to protect your child.

It comes less naturally for us to advocate for the well-being of children unrelated to us. "Oh, I'd better not interfere in someone else's business" or "I have enough of my own trouble" become our excuses.

If you want to follow Jesus' instruction to "care for the least of these," it's time to look beyond our immediate circle and poke at our boundaries.

"Even when there is a will for advocacy, churches do not always know how to do it in an effective manner consistent with our Christian values," writes Bishop Sally Dyck in the foreword. "This book will help us learn how to make sure that neither the government nor the church is shirking its responsibility for society's most vulnerable—children."

Olson and Friedrich provide a practical how-to guide on speaking, intervening, standing for, organizing, and witnessing on behalf of children everywhere. Advocacy should be embedded in individual discipleship rather than being carried out by a few.

Renew your commitment to Christ and your witness to the world through community action. And make a positive difference in a child's life.