From Your Heart to Theirs, Participant's Guide (Print Book)

Delivering an Effective Sermon

David Carroll, Tony Franks

David Carroll
Tony Franks
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  • 1/1/2008
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  • 9780881775365
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"Let me tell you a story." Since childhood, those introductory words capture our attention like few others. Sharing our faith story can be just as captivating and influential. Yet even the most experienced public speaker may need help preparing a sermon that's both engaging and compelling. Franks and Carroll will help you develop such a sermon. The parts of this helpful experiential guide for novice and already certified lay speakers include

  1. types of sermons, from exegetical to topical to those for children
  2. finding the story and using the hymnal
  3. reading the Bible aloud
  4. communicating on paper and moving beyond it
  5. presentation and practice

Each of the sections is designed for 2-hour sessions. Part of the Learning & Leading Series, which is a course that helps participants to prepare sermons by providing plans and worksheets, stressing good oral communication, offering suggestions on incorporating stories, and providing time for prayer, study and revision. Appropriate for use in a variety of settings, including Lay Speaking Advanced Courses, Ministerial Course of Study, colleges, and seminaries. Instructor's Guide available.