Praying with John Wesley (Print Book)

David A. deSilva

$ 8.00
  • 10/1/2003
  • DR317
  • 9780881773170
  • Print Book
  • 6 x 9
  • 48
  • 0.19


Praying with John Wesley is based on the model for daily prayer developed by Wesley in 1733. Centered on 6 Christian virtues, it includes daily scripture reading, personal reflection, and prayer. While remaining true to Wesley’s intent and emphasis, DeSilva has updated and interpreted Wesley’s prayers to be used by 21st-century Christians who are seeking to grow as disciples, taking the reader through one full week of morning and evening devotions.

We encourage readers to use this guide through several weekly cycles. The first time through you’ll learn about the virtues and begin to wrestle with their meaning and value. By repeating the cycle, your understanding will deepen.

Perfect for the Advent season or for Lenten reflection.