The Faith-Sharing Congregation (Print Book)

Developing a Strategy for the Congregation as Evangelist

Roger K. Swanson, Shirley F. Clement

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  • 10/1/2003
  • DR153
  • 9780881771534
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"In a society where many people search desperately for elusive 'family values,' this book roots hospitality where it belongs—in the graciousness of God," writes one reviewer.

In The Faith-Sharing Congregation, Swanson and Clement reclaim the local congregation as the center of ministry and mission, demonstrating that evangelism is the responsibility of the entire congregation—clergy and laity—working together.

The Faith-Sharing Congregation suggests a threefold evangelism strategy that includes:

  • sharing faith through the practice of genuine hospitality
  • sharing faith through relationships and personal stories
  • sharing faith through the "domestic church," the body of Christ