Creative Preaching on the Sacraments (EPub)

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Craig A. Satterlee, Lester Ruth

Lester Ruth
Craig A Satterlee
$ 9.99
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  • 10/1/2003
  • BDR662
  • 9780881776621
  • EPub
  • 96


Creative preaching can help you move the sacraments to the center of your congregation's spirituality by making scripture, personal experience, and the sacraments intersect in such a way that a wealth of meanings surfaces. Satterlee and Ruth seek to expand the range of meanings and associations people bring to the sacraments. They examine in-depth how theology, scripture, context, and timing relate to effective sacramental preaching.

Six sample sermons are included:

  1. "In Whom Do You Place Your Trust?" (baptismal sermon by Stephen Castleberry)
  2. "The Water of Life" (baptismal sermon by Heichler)
  3. "The Kiss of Peace" (exchange of peace sermon by Craig A. Satterlee)
  4. "The Ultimate Business Luncheon" (Communion sermon by Lester Ruth)
  5. "Crumbs Under the Table" (Communion sermon by Cathy Felber)
  6. "A Short, Multisensory Baptismal Sermon" (adapted from Ambrose)

Recommended for pastors as a practical guide for preparing sermons that will make the great truths of God visible and tangible in the sacraments. Designed especially for clergy, chaplains, and catechists.

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