The Art of Spiritual Direction (EPub)

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Giving and Receiving Spiritual Guidance

W. Paul Jones

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  • 6/1/2016
  • B1618
  • 9780835816182
  • EPub
  • 309


We all need companions and guides on our spiritual journey. W. Paul Jones believes that spiritual direction is essential for every Christian. "Along each person's pilgrimage are those who can make one's journey accountable and whose hospitality makes it possible," Jones says.

In The Art of Spiritual Direction, you'll discover the answers to these questions and more:

  • What is spiritual direction?
  • What is the difference between spiritual direction and counseling?
  • How can you know if you are called to the ministry of spiritual direction?
  • What should happen in direction sessions?

The appendixes feature helpful tools like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, a Theological Worlds Inventory, the Enneagram, and other resources. Whether you are a pastor, church leader, or a layperson, you will benefit from the wealth of information contained in this book.