Fire in the Soul (EPub)

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A Prayer Book for the Later Years

Richard L. Morgan

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  • 4/1/2016
  • B1602
  • 9780835816021
  • EPub
  • 160


In Fire in the Soul, Richard L. Morgan offers prayers to God for help in meeting the following late-life challenges:

  • discovering God's call at retirement
  • moving to deeper contemplation
  • accepting aging
  • discerning the meaning of stories
  • mentoring
  • facing loss and death
  • redeeming suffering

Morgan includes personal prayers (most written after his own retirement) as well as classic prayers from John Calvin, Saint Augustine, John Donne, and Teresa of Avila. A constant spiritual guide for the later years, Fire in the Soul is a valuable guide for midlifers as well as clergy, social workers, and other professionals who work with older adults.

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