Birthed in Prayer (EPub)

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Pregnancy as a Spiritual Journey

Kim Barker, Linda de Meillon, Leigh Harrison

Linda De Meillon
Kim Barker
Leigh Harrison
$ 5.99
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  • 3/1/2016
  • B1273
  • 9780835812733
  • EPub
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A hopeful, grace-filled companion for the 9 months of pregnancy, Birthed in Prayer uniquely addresses and supports the spiritual journey of mothers-to-be.

As the authors/moms say, it's the book they longed to read but never found while they were pregnant. Filled with lively, thoughtful, honest and "been-there" stories, this book deals with not only the emotional and physical facets of this overwhelming life experience but also the spiritual needs.

"From the moment you know you're pregnant, you enter a time of transition—a time of waiting and preparing as you anticipate the arrival of the new little person who will share your life. …Pregnancy can be a God-given "stopping point"—an opportunity to reflect on our lives, values, and relationships; to reevaluate our choices and priorities; and to make some adjustments," write authors Barker, de Meillon, and Harrison. "Even more importantly, pregnancy can offer an occasion to draw closer to God and encounter God in a new way."

Each chapter includes honest, humorous, and touching stories; questions to think about; journaling prompts; and prayer exercises.

Birthed in Prayer gives you a safe place to acknowledge your thoughts and feelings as you read wisdom from scripture and stories from mother-sages. It focuses not just on preparing for childbirth but also motherhood. The authors invite you on a journey of awareness and growth that will build a strong foundation for your life and your family.