That We May Perfectly Love Thee (EPub)

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Preparing Our Hearts for Holy Communion

Robert Benson

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  • 3/1/2012
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  • 9780835811637
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Why is it important to prepare your heart for Holy Communion?

Holy Communion (also known as the Lord's Supper, service of Word and Table, or Eucharist) is an act of worship that Christians are called to offer to God, Robert Benson believes.

"[The observance of Communion] is a critical part of our life together," he notes. "It seems critically important that we approach this act of praise and thanksgiving with some measure of reverence."

Benson invites us to take a fresh look at this central practice of Christian worship. Speaking from the perspective of a fellow worshiper, he traces the history of the Lord's Supper from its Jewish roots and the time of the early church. He sheds light on the meaning of Holy Communion for individuals, congregations, and the church throughout the world.

Benson's poetic writing conveys devotion and passion. His down-to-earth style will inspire you to reflect on the mystery of Jesus' sacrifice for all people, and how you are called "not just to think about Jesus but also to remember him" each time you partake of the bread and cup.

That We May Perfectly Love Thee includes a guide for small groups, as well as a model for a personal retreat.