Where the World Meets to Pray (Print Book)

People and Stories of The Upper Room

Mary Lou Redding

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  • 7/1/2009
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  • 9780835899918
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  • 128
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Conscious of the need for a closer walk with God, of a deeper spiritual need . . . I covenant with God to seek an enrichment of my own spiritual life by observing a period of devotions each day.

—The Upper Room Covenant (1935)

This is the story of a little magazine and how it grew.

From its first issue in spring 1935 to now, The Upper Room daily devotional guide is prayer raised to a lifestyle. The vision has always been to reestablish the practice of daily prayer and Bible reading. But the magazine is also about people: its founders, its staff, and most of all, the readers who are also its writers.

Where the World Meets to Pray introduces and honors the people who've been a part of what God is doing through the international magazine and the worldwide ministries it's spawned.

From the memories of staff and longtime editorial director, Mary Lou Redding, read about:

  • how the daily devotional magazine was born out of the prayers of a women's Sunday school class in Texas
  • the stories of colorful characters in our history
  • how a magazine began with a circulation of 100,000 to become an international publication printed in 40 languages and 77 editions
  • how The Upper Room continues to develop life-changing ministries today