The Way of Discernment Participant's Book (Print Book)

Companions in Christ Series

Marjorie J. Thompson, Stephen V. Doughty

$ 9.99
  • 8/1/2008
  • 9958
  • 9780835899581
  • Print Book
  • 7.3125 x 9.25 x 0.278
  • 128
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The Way of Discernment Leader's Guide is also available.

How do you discover God's guidance for personal and congregational decisions? Explore paths to clarity in The Way of Discernment, a 10-week study for small groups.

Who is this book designed for?

  • People yearning to hear the Holy Spirit's guidance
  • Individuals looking for direction in vocation or life changes
  • Church leaders seeking clarity about their congregation's distinctive mission
  • Christians searching for God's will in matters of belief, ethics, and faithful living

Part of the Companions in Christ series, The Way of Discernment offers a biblical, theological, and practical framework for understanding the practice of discernment. Sessions include

  • The Beckoning of Discernment
  • The Heart of Discernment
  • Fruit as Touchstones
  • Core Identity as Touchstone
  • Growing in the Gift
  • In the Hard Places
  • Communal Discernment: Beginnings
  • Communal Discernment: Going Farther
  • Elements of Perpetual Challenge
  • The All-Encompassing Audience