The Way of Blessedness Leader's Guide (Print Book)

Companions in Christ Series

Stephen D. Bryant

$ 12.99
  • 7/1/2003
  • 994
  • 9780835809948
  • Print Book
  • 7.3125 x 9.25
  • 96
  • 0.56


The Way of Blessedness Participant's Book is also available for small-group members.

The Way of Blessedness Leader's Guide provides everything you need to lead small groups through this 9-week study of the Beatitudes, including a preparatory meeting. The Leader's Guide contains detailed weekly session plans and a list of Weekly Needs at a Glance to make preparation for each meeting simple and quick. Each Leader's Guide in the Companions in Christ series assumes leaders are new to the formational group process and includes the full introductory material, guidance for leading formational groups, and a description of the unique leadership skills needed. The Leader's Guides for each resource in the series are described as being the most complete and user-friendly guides available.