Embracing the Journey, Participant's Book, Vol. 1 (Print Book)

Companions in Christ Series

Rueben P. Job, Marjorie J. Thompson

Rueben Job
Marjorie J Thompson
$ 7.99
  • 3/1/2006
  • 9830
  • 9780835898300
  • Print Book
  • 7.3125 x 9.25
  • 86
  • 0.50


A revised Companions in Christ Leader's Guide, containing a "Getting Started Guide" and new plans for a closing retreat, is also available.

Embracing the Journey: The Way of Christ focuses on an exploration of spiritual formation as an individual and corporate journey toward wholeness and holiness through the grace of God. This book is the first segment of a five-volume study of the original 28-week Companions in Christ resource. The 5-piece participant series is designed for groups that will take breaks between the other four volumes:

OPTION: Groups that wish to experience an uninterrupted 28-week study of Companions in Christ should order Companions in Christ Participant's Book in 1 Volume.