Love Never Ends (Print Book)

Growing Together in Marriage and Faith

Robert Lauer, Jeanette Lauer

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  • 10/1/2002
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  • 9780835809498
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  • 6 x 7.5
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"A threefold cord is not quickly broken" (Ecclesiastes 4:12).

A relationship where God and spouses are entwined is as strong and resistant to stresses as a braided cord.

"A stable, meaningful marriage is further strengthened by a shared spiritual journey," write the authors. "There's a reciprocal relationship between marital and spiritual growth. In our counseling, we often hear how joint faith is one of the most important factors in the vitality and stability of marriage."

In Love Never Ends, the Lauers show you how to strengthen both your relationship with God and with your spouse. Their approach is biblical, realistic, anecdotal, and practical.

Each chapter contains a "Face-to-Face" section with ideas for spouses to think about and discuss, followed by a prayer suggestion.

Engaging in the exercises in this book will help you

  • learn how to communicate better with your marriage partner
  • increase your intimacy
  • draw closer to God

Married since 1954, the Lauers speak from their extensive personal and professional experience. They have worked with other couples in marriage enrichment groups and in counseling, and they have coauthored 15 books as well as numerous articles published in magazines such as Psychology Today, Ladies' Home Journal, and Reader's Digest.

As you and your spouse read the book and engage in the exercises, you will grow in your understanding of Christian love and will practice mutual instruction in spiritual matters. Love Never Ends will help you learn to increase the number of joyous marital and spiritual experiences in your daily life.