Forgiveness, the Passionate Journey (Print Book)

Nine Steps of Forgiving through Jesus' Beatitudes

Flora Slosson Wuellner

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  • 8/1/2001
  • 945
  • 9780835809450
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  • 160
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Why does forgiveness, so central in Jesus' life and teaching, seem much more difficult today?

Why are we so often told we should forgive but so seldom shown the steps toward forgiveness?

"Forgiveness is a perilous and volatile subject because it is so deeply intertwined with our communal and individual wounds," Flora Wuellner writes in the introduction. She explores how Jesus' Beatitudes promise us release from these wounds.

You are invited to begin your journey to forgiveness with these hope-filled meditations on each of the Beatitudes.

Whether you have deep wounds or are worn down by a multitude of seemingly small grievances, let Wuellener's unique insights into the Beatitudes introduce you to the renewed and healed life Jesus offers. Each of the 11 chapters includes a guided meditation to help you bring the truth of Jesus' words into your own life.

Discover an open door to new, healed ways of relating to God, others, yourself, the communities around you, and future generations.

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