Growing Compassionate Kids (Print Book)

Helping Kids See Beyond Their Backyard

Jan Johnson

$ 13.99
  • 12/1/2000
  • 932
  • 9780835809320
  • Print Book
  • 6 x 9
  • 176
  • 0.69


Open a new world of possibilities for your kids, where making a difference for others becomes a way of life!

Growing Compassionate Kids illustrates practical everyday ways for parents to help children develop empathy and seek justice in the world.

As one reviewer says, "This book is a wonderful antidote to both 'compassion fatigue' and the frustrations of Christian parenting in a selfish society."

Jan Johnson, a well-known author who deals with Christian spirituality, helps moms and dads and grandparents learn to incorporate social outreach and mission into the often-hectic everyday realities of family life. When children see these living examples, they will grow to be disciples of Christ and learn to consider others above self.

"Teaching kids to care for people is one more way to teach our children to love God," writes the author. "A child growing in empathy is moving from isolation to connection, from self-centeredness to others-awareness, from hostility to hospitality."

Couldn't the world use more people like that? There's no greater legacy we could leave to our kids and to humankind.

Questions for reflection plus personal and family devotions are included in each chapter.

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