An Adventure in Healing and Wholeness - Korean (Print Book)

The Healing Ministry of Christ in the Church Today

James K. Wagner

$ 7.99
  • 7/1/1998
  • 840
  • 9780835808408
  • Print Book
  • 8.25 x 10.625
  • 157
  • 0.81


This book brings James K. Wagner's successful workbook on healing and wholeness to Korean Christians and churches. The original workbook was field-tested and designed for church groups; this new translation has been reviewed and approved by representatives throughout the Korean church in the United States.

The workbook adapts Wagner's popular workshop into a seven-session format that explores a holistic approach to health and the relationship between prayer and healing. It offers individual and group reflection, study materials, and information needed to begin a healing ministry within a congregation.

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