Soul Reset DVD (DVD)

Breakdown, Breakthrough, and the Journey to Wholeness

Junius B. Dotson

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  • 9/1/2019
  • 1900
  • 9780835819008
  • DVD
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Are you working at a relentless pace, trapped in a cycle of trying to meet others' needs and ignoring your own? You need a Soul Reset—a hard stop to chronic busyness, a deep look inward, an intentional reliance on spiritual practices to help you reconnect with God, and a new path toward the abundant life to which Jesus calls you.

The Soul Reset DVD includes six 5- to 7-minute segments with author Junius B. Dotson in which he

  • explores themes of authenticity and wholeness from his book Soul Reset
  • offers commentary on key scripture passages
  • highlights vital scripture practices modeled by Jesus Christ
  • shares insights into how to experience your own "soul reset" and live the life God desires for you

The six video sessions are based on these themes:

  1. Soul Reset Assessment
  2. Feel the Feelings
  3. It's Not All on Me
  4. Take Care of Yourself
  5. What to Do with Grief
  6. Living in the Light

Wherever you are in your spiritual journey, Soul Reset offers practical help for slowing down and allowing God to transform your life.