Beach Calling (Print Book)

A Devotional Journal for the Middle Years and Beyond

Missy Buchanan

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  • 5/17/2019
  • 1877
  • 9780835818773
  • Print Book
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Imagine listening to the rhythmic ebb and flow of the tide, feeling the heat and grit of the sand between your toes, and viewing the vast expanse of the sky stretching across the horizon. The wonder of the beach illuminates the magnificence of the Creator.

With Beach Calling you don't have to be at the beach to experience the sea, the sand, the sky, and the glory of the One who created it all. Author Missy Buchanan's brilliant descriptions—intertwined artfully with scripture—paint a vivid picture that invites you to a closer, more authentic walk with God.

Allow the holy words of scripture and the vibrant text to lead you to contemplate where you are now in your life, what brought you here through your yesterdays, and what God has in store for you in your tomorrows.

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Also available in a bundle with a tote bag and a pen.