The God We Can Know (Print Book)

Exploring the "I Am" Sayings of Jesus

Rob Fuquay

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  • 9/1/2014
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Getting to know God means getting to know ourselves. The more we know who God is the more we know who we are. The Gospel of John records several declarations of Jesus known as the "I Am" sayings. This 7-week study is designed for the entire congregation to explore each of those sayings and will help you find and form an answer to the most essential question in the Christian faith, "Who do you say I am?"

One by one, Jesus' statements grab our imagination, reveal more about his identity and purpose, and connect us to the God of Moses, who spoke the first "I Am." These significant yet ordinary images (bread, light, shepherd, vine, and more) give us insightful ways to experience Jesus and point us to a God who wants to be known.

What is included in the study?


  • Exploration and commentary on the images Jesus uses in the "I Am" statements
  • Fuquay's personal experiences to help connect the "I Am" sayings into your life
  • Reflection questions


  • Age-level guides for children, youth, and adults
  • 6 sessions filmed on location in the Holy Land, allows you to travel with Rob Fuquay and actually see the places where Jesus stood when he disclosed his true identity, and in what context he spoke each "I Am." The video sessions for this study are as follows:
    • Introduction: "Knowing the Great I Am" — 10:07
    • Session 1: "I Am the Bread of Life" — 8:45
    • Session 2: "I Am the Light of the World" — 6:35
    • Session 3: "I Am the Good Shepherd" — 8:03
    • Session 4: "I Am the True Vine" — 8:24
    • Session 5: "I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life" — 8:56
    • Session 6: "I Am the Resurrection and the Life" — 7:59

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