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Author: Gerrie Grimsley

Gerrie Grimsley and her husband served four years at a mission training base in England and were privileged to lead mission trips to India, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. She worked at The Upper Room for several years as assistant to the director of Pathways in Congregational Spirituality. In addition to coauthoring Contemplative by Design, Gerrie leads workshops on the importance of +’quiet spaces+“ in one+•s daily life, and sets up quiet spaces when invited. Gerrie and Greg live in Hermitage, TN, and enjoy visits from their children and grandchildren.

Contemplative by Design

Contemplative by Design

Creating Quiet Spaces for Retreats, Workshops, Churches, and Personal Settings

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It's hard to hear yourself think in today's culture, much less refresh your soul. Sights and sounds—from ads placed on toilet stall doors to loud ringtones or cars pulsing with bass—assault us every day. Peace and quiet seem out of place in 21st-cen...

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