Freedom from Worry

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28 Days of Prayer
Patricia Wilson

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Are you waking several times a night, obsessing over some situation you can’t control? Perhaps you’re anxious about your job, a strained relationship, your children, your finances, aging parents, health issues, or the state of the world.

God calls you to leave your worrying behind, Patricia Wilson reminds you in this brief book packed with helpful suggestions for letting go of your worries. Twenty-eight days of prayer can help reduce your anxiety level. Meditate on the devotions and pray the Psalms and other prayers in this practical, easy-to-use book.

Let Patricia Wilson, with her warm, personal style, help you learn how to give your worries to the Good Shepherd. As you focus your attention and energy on God, you will gradually relax and see that God will take care of you, no matter what.

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A wonderful help!,    June 19 2013
Reviewer: Nancy
I was given an advanced copy of this title by NetGalley. After reading the first week's devotions I ...     details...