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Helen Neinast
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Think of it as a Myers-Briggs of spirituality.

A small-group study based on the Spiritual Types Test, the MethodX Spiritual Types Discussion Guide helps identify spiritual types — sage, lover, mystic, or prophet — and what they mean to our faith lives.

“Personality types and spiritual types help us develop our self-awareness and our self-understanding,” writes Neinast. “Types help us uncover the things that give us energy and joy. They alert us to the filters we use — our five senses, and our ‘sixth sense’ of intuition — to perceive the world around us. Types help us understand how we make decisions and why we interact with the world around us the way we do.”

Session 1 introduces the idea of spiritual types. From there, the guide helps users understand their type and each other.

Complete unto itself, this downloadable PDF comes with

  • an expanded spiritual types test and grading key
  • live, interactive 90-minute small-group sessions
  • handouts to complement each session
  • a list of resources for further reading

Suitable for any small-group setting, the MethodX Spiritual Types Discussion Guide is a fun and meaningful way for young adults (and not-so-young adults) to learn more about how we approach God, faith, and the world around us.

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Discussion Guide,    February 28 2012
Reviewer: Fran
Instructor used in class at District Leadership Training.