Living Our Beliefs

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The United Methodist Way
Kenneth L. Carder

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You can believe anything and be a Methodist, just as long as you’re sincere.

Such a misperception has deep historical and cultural roots.

Explore a basic explanation of the beliefs and practices of The United Methodist Church as defined in Part II of The Book of Discipline. Uncover a deeper understanding and experience of Christian faith as you embrace the United Methodist way.

“Beliefs are to be lived; doctrine is to be practiced,” writes Carder in this updated edition of his 1996 best seller. “The authenticity of beliefs lie in their ability to shape people and communities into the image of Christ and to promote holiness and happiness. . . The important test of the validity of doctrines and beliefs for United Methodists is the kind of character they produce in individuals and communities and the actions they inspire in the world.”

Living Our Beliefs is essential reading for new members, confirmation classes, and small-group studies.

A Leader's Guide is available for this book. It is Living Our United Methodist Beliefs, and it is available only in PDF format.

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